Your trainer:
Born 1960, in Dortmund, lives in Hamburg
  • Training in communication, facilitation, and conflict clarification at the „Institut für wissenschaftliche Lehrmethoden (IWL)“, lead by Prof. Friedemann Schulz von Thun & Hamburger Arbeitskreis Kommunikation und Klärungshilfe
  • Comprehensive experiences in training and consulting since 1996 as a trainer and consultant eg for Tom Kothe, Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung in Hamburg
  • Master Studies in the field of International Comparative Industrial Relations / Human Resource Management at the University of Wisconsin / U.S.A.
  • Interdisciplinary Studies at the University for Economics and Politics in Hamburg (Degrees in Economics & Socio-Economics)
  • Studies in Social Science at the University of Hawaii / U.S.A.
The methodological basis for my work is Theme-Centered Interaction (TCI, a group discussion leadership method developed by Ruth Cohn). TCI is the concept of learning in small groups based on the idea that learning is an active, creative and discovering process. A crucial goal for the trainer and group is to create a dynamic balance between the individual (I), the group (we), the topics explored and the environment (globe) in which all of this takes place. There is a continuous flow and counter flow from the individual needs to the group needs to the topic to the individual, and onwards. Thus, learning success is secured because individual learning needs are constantly taking into consideration throughout the training. The goal is to put individuals or teams in the position where they can improve their strengths to reduce shortcomings.