Coaching offers meaningful employee development in addition to seminars, trainings, and workshops to complement an in-depth learning and change process.
Coaching supports the following needs and goals:
  • Conflicts in change processes, eg restructuring, new methods of production, new products and/or technologies, change of corporate goals and policies, advancement to a leadership position, dislocation / displacement, job change.
  • Critical situations and conflicts in teams, eg team inertia and impasses, communication and coordination problems within teams or with individual employees, conflicts between executives/team leaders and department / division, analysis and development of team competences
  • Individual enhancement & development, eg enhance self-awareness, find new solutions to enlarge your action range, professional re-orientation, reflecting your leadership behaviour and role, support during difficult decision making processes.
Frequently theses three areas are closely related to each other so that various aspects are involved at the same time.
Coaching offers the opportunity for interactive and client-oriented consultation as well as fair and constructive feedback. Most important is the clients professional role with its demands and individual needs