Your needs for trainings and workshops are constantly expanding. Developing customer loyalty, increasingly complex internal processes, advancing information technology, and cost pressure - all require superior employees who are involved in life long learning processes.
These needs can be met with competent and experienced trainers and coaches who confidently develop goal-oriented training based on practical methodologies for individuals and groups
Services I provide include ...
  • Creating and conducting participant-oriented seminars, trainings, and workshops
  • Developing demand-oriented short and long term training strategies
  • Supporting the implementation of new work and training programs
  • Designing a learning environment based on participants needs
  • Utilizing experience to apply the right methodology from a huge variety
  • Facilitating "aha" moments and learning epiphanies
  • Transferring learning from seminars / training to the workplace.
All seminars, trainings, and workshops can be conducted in either English or German.